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Access to these Systems:
Master, Multi, Metal, Intraday, Giant, X, Trinity, Hero, Elite, Scalp, Hedge, Intraday Max and One
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Automation: Our Systems will automatically execute trades based successful strategies allowing the user a set & forget experience. 

    – All system include Automatic Compounding

  • Increased efficiency: Our Systems can analyze market trends and execute trades more quickly and accurately than a human trader, increasing the efficiency allowing opportunities to be found 24/7.

  • Diversification: Our Systems will allow traders to diversify their portfolios by utilizing buying & selling different pairs. Meaning it makes no difference if the markets are going up or down. 

  • Risk Management: Our Systems follow a strict set of rules that have been proven for years. The use of equity protectors & various strategies rather than emotions, which reduces the impact of emotional biases on trading decisions.

We have a comprehensive team of professional traders, analyst & coding experts maintaining all 10+ of our Automated Systems around the clock. Our systems are trusted by thousands of members around the world. 

Most Importantly we share each of our systems account details with a third-party called “Social Trader Tools”. This company tracks & shares our live system performance which can be seen in “Live Performance”.

At Genesis we believe in 100% Transparency. That is why we have a 7-Day Free Trial! 

Yes, you can test our systems with a demo account & sign up for the 7-Day Free trial. 

We have 10+ Automated Trading Systems for different accounts sizes & risk levels. We will find the perfect system(s) to meet your goals.
The Genesis System(s) Performance can be seen here:
Results are Live-Public & Third Party Verified (By Social Trader Tools, meaning we give them our live account details so they can post our results live providing 100% Transparency).
You can connect your account to any of our live systems to achieve the same percentage returns that we do.
For Example:
You connect a $3000 trading account to Genesis Power:
In September Genesis Power earned around 10% giving you $300 Profit
Next Month Genesis Power earned around 10% on your now $3360 account.
As your account grows the percent earned will compound over the months.
Your money stays within your trusted brokerage account, nobody will have access to your funds and you keep 100% of the passive income you receive. If you do not have a broker we can advise you to some reputable brokers from any country in the world.
Please note: We are a technology company not a broker and we never accept clients funds.
1. You can choose:
Basic: Giving you access to one of the following systems: Hero, Metal, Elite, Hedge or Scalp. 
Professional: Giving you access to one of the following systems: Master, Trinity, Multi, Intraday, Giant and Apex. 
Ultimate: Giving you access to two of any of the systems. 
Master: Giving you access to three of any of the systems. 
2. After purchase we will email you the setup guide immediately
3. You will follow a short & simple setup process to connect your trading account(s) to our systems(s).
4. The system(s) come 100% optimized meaning all you have to do is connect & turn it on.
5. Once Turned on the system(s) will start trading your account(s) 100% hands-free.

Yes, you can run as many accounts as you would like. 

You can also switch systems within your plan. Or add additional systems.

If you want to run more than 3 accounts please contact us. 

You will only need a phone and/or computer and WIFI while you set it up.

After you are connected our systems run without the need of a dedicated computor or a VPS. 

Most brokers that support MT4/5 and 1:100 leverage+ are supported by our technology. You can message us to confirm support & specific requirements.

Yes, you can cancel at any time via the receipt that was emailed to you after purchase.

If you need assistance just email: or contact our live support on Telegram:

We have specialist on call 24/7 to help you with any needs you have via live chat or email.

Fill out the form below or email us directly at:

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